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Ali Shabdar on business, technology, and pre-singularity life

Ali March 31, 2011

Reloading Rails console without exiting

In my journey to hopefully master Ruby on Rails, I'm amazed to see that many authors (in blogs or in books) most of whom are...

Ali March 22, 2011

Running MySQL 5.5 and Rails 3 on Mac OS X

A recent opportunity made me dust off my development skills and I decided to use Ruby on Rails as the framework of choice. I'm happy...

Ali September 25, 2010

The fPhone

Back in 2007 when Facebook was becoming a global phenomena, my first impression as a user was a normal pessimism at first that left me with just an account to reserve my name and no actual use of the service.

As an expatriate who lived at least 25% of my life out of my hometown Tabriz, I found myself toward using Facebook more seriously to connect with my old friends, coworkers and family I left behind.

Ali June 15, 2010
Adding easy to use sorting features to Objective-C arrays

Adding easy to use sorting features to Objective-C arrays

Apart from how powerful and flexible NSArray in Objective-C is, there are times that you need to sort many arrays throughout the projects. The standard...