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I have authored three books on Zoho suite of applications. Zoho offers tens of apps and solutions to help SMEs and Startups run their day to day business in the cloud successfully. Regardless of the size of your operation, there is a Zoho app that can make your life easier. From online productivity and powerful email management to sophisticated CRM and cloud-based business applications, Zoho has a solution to your problem.

Since 2008, I worked with various SMEs in USA, Canada, Turkey, UAE, and the Philippines and provided them with robust solutions to run a more effective business in the cloud. Zoho apps have played a foundational part in this journey.

Mastering Zoho CRM
(Apress, 2017)
Mastering Zoho Creator
(Apress, 2017)
Foundation Zoho
(Apress, 2009)

I hope you enjoy these books. Do let me know about your opinion and how I can improve these books.

Update: As of April 2018, I work for Zoho Corporation, however, the content of my (future) books and my opinion will remain solely my own and independent of my employer.