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Foundation Zoho

Foundation Zoho: Work and Create Online is my very first book published by Apress (FoED) back in 2009  and it is about a leading SaaS suite of applications.


Foundation Zoho helps you move to the cloud quick and easy. Zoho offers you a vast of services that is unique in its own kind. Online productivity tools, CRM, project management, HRIS, database creation, and powerful business intelligence services are just some of what Zoho offers, often free of charge. (Yes, SMBs and entrepreneurs, free of charge)

Finding your way in such big collection of tools and choosing the right candidates for your business and personal use could be frustrating. That’s where the book comes in handy. Each chapter introduces you to a service of Zoho taking you step by step through the essential topics to get you up and running in few hours. All Zoho services (as of September 2009) are covered which makes it a good getting started book for users of all backgrounds. I hope you like it and it help you in your daily life.

Update: Although it is now almost a year since the first edition in published and Zoho was busy updating some of the applications, the majority of subjects are still applicable and can save you a considerable amount of time in getting started. I hope we can see the 2nd edition soon in the bookstores.

Join the community

Well, the more I though I build up a small community around the book, the more I was convinced to host it on Facebook. So join the conversation and lets talk about Zoho, the book, and anything SaaS and cloud in the official Facebook page of Foundation Zoho.


P.S. I’m not working for Zoho and I’m not affiliated with them in any way. I just love what they do.