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DELL “still” recommends Windows Vista …

Ali - May 6, 2008 - 0 comments

What a familiar statement! “Optimize your Business with Windows Vista Business” or etc.

Is that really true? We have 10+ laptops and workstations running Windows Vista Basic, Premium and Business and nobody is happy with the way Vista runs, not even after installing the gigantic SP1.

It is often said that Apple’s 37% growth sales in Macs is partly because of Vista’s failure in fulfilling customer’s expectations, not to mention the great power of Mac OS although having less than 10% of the market.

My point here is not comparing Windows and Mac OS that is discussed for thousands of times. The important matter here is that all PC manufacturers who proudly ship Vista in all new PCs and laptops are definitely aware of the flaws of the not-very-new OS. However they garnish their marketing campaigns with “recommendations” of Vista to the poor consumer.

It is getting political in here because it doesn’t make sense anymore that you allegedly advertise your product carrying an incapable but essential part, the operating system.

When I saw it today on the back cover of the Business Week that DELL “still” recommends Vista with their latest business laptop, I wondered and grumbled to my colleagues (while sarcastically showing them the advert) about the ridiculous ignorance of the public that just chews what vendors offer.

Everybody is surprised with the terrible performance of Vista in either home or office. I still can’t believe Microsoft could betray the Windows community that big and don’t even bother apologizing.

We spend at least 1 hour a day just fixing small issues like printer connections, wireless glitches, USB problems and etc. I believe even the lousiest distro of Linux would solve these before roll-out.

You might say fine, we know it all and Vista is there for almost a year now, but the question is what have we done? Did we do anything? Did we converted to another platform? Or just trying to cope with the situation quietly.

Today I converted another colleague of mine to get a Mac and I’m so proud of it! I don’t work for Apple and I’m not just a fan, but I was using Windows since version 3.0 and I got disappointed more on each version debut. This is not the way you (Microsoft) keep customers loyal unless you don’t care because you know that nobody can’t do anything about you running a info-political monopoly.

All that “security” stuff hidden behind the shiny GUI of Vista worries me that the privacy in the free world, not by armies or dictators, but by the very fruit of the freedom, is endangered.

We struggle with Windows security holes, and Norton Antivirus -The Jesus of the computers- and yet nothing is getting better. You can bring as much as rationale as you can about hackers being smarter and technology is being more advanced or even blame the poor Open Source cult! But wait a moment! This endless chain of fear and consumption, the story of good and evil, is also drifted into IT and we can officially say that we are s****ed!

I wonder how the Chinese government stopped (or slowed down) the “Red Linux” project and signed a peace agreement with Microsoft while Bill Gates is welcomed like a president in their socialist country. If it’s not political, the somebody please enlighten me! It is worth remembering how the search engines censor information for Chinese government while fellow citizens of the Earth demonstrate everywhere for the Tibet to be freed!

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