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Social Media


Ali September 25, 2010

The fPhone

Back in 2007 when Facebook was becoming a global phenomena, my first impression as a user was a normal pessimism at first that left me with just an account to reserve my name and no actual use of the service.

As an expatriate who lived at least 25% of my life out of my hometown Tabriz, I found myself toward using Facebook more seriously to connect with my old friends, coworkers and family I left behind.

Ali December 4, 2008

Merge & filter news feeds with Yahoo Pipes

In the previous post, I talked about EventBox and how it can make your feed-loaded life easier. But here's the thing: It's again skimming through...

Ali November 25, 2008

EventBox; social networking and the news

All that buzz and the load of information attacking us by social media and news aggregated from different sources, seem overwhelming. One of the greatest...