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Ali April 30, 2020
Will Google Mine Meet?

Will Google Mine Meet?

With Google Meet taking on Zoom by adding a host of cool features and also becoming free for all, thousands of meetings will flock from...

Ali April 15, 2015
Importing data from FTP server into Zoho Creator

Importing data from FTP server into Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator has grown to be a great cloud-based app creation platform. You can build simple apps in the matter of hours or have complex solutions up and running much quicker than a from-scratch project. Manipulating data is a core capability of (Zoho) Creator . There is a rich toolset of UI elements, business logic components, and reporting tools to make your life easier. If you need more functionality you can always create custom functions and behaviours using the powerful Deluge scripting language. To take it even further there is a rather capable REST API to connect your app to the outside world. In this post I’ll show you how to import data from an FTP server into a Creator app using a Deluge function and a little middleware. Note: I assume that you are familiar with Creator and Deluge. We will also get some help from a PHP script, so some PHP knowledge is helpful too, but not necessary. You can use the code in this tutorial without changing anything other than the FTP url and account.

Ali November 24, 2013
Bulk exporting Word documents to other formats with JavaScript

Bulk exporting Word documents to other formats with JavaScript

JavaScript is hot commodity for server and client side web development. But when it comes to command line programming it is unlikely to ditch the likes of Python and Ruby for JavaScript. I don't have the luxury of picking my toolset at work. I'm a business consultant with no access to anything beyond the essential enterprise software. Heck, I don't even have access to PowerShell. All I have left with is JavaScript. Life is fun. I assume that I'm not the only one facing this challenge, so it may be worth sharing how I do some basic automation at work using JavaScript.


The team needed to convert a big number (200+) of Word documents saved in different formats into a single format, DOTX to be specific.

Ali February 10, 2013

Renaming files in bulk with Excel

So you have a bunch of files (read thousands) that you need to rename. If you deal with documents/records in the workplace and you don’t...

Ali December 17, 2011


A recent school project got us excited to explore the idea of mapping the trees of city of Vancouver in a more practical way. My...

Ali November 17, 2011

Playing with data structures in Ruby

Sorting I've been trying to sort a mixed array in Ruby the shortest way. Each element of the array by itself is a mixed array of a...

Ali August 31, 2011
Snow Leopard to Lion; The painless way

Snow Leopard to Lion; The painless way

Conclusion first! Let me save you a few minutes (and perhaps hours of suffering on your Mac) and tell you the end of the story...

Ali March 31, 2011

Reloading Rails console without exiting

In my journey to hopefully master Ruby on Rails, I'm amazed to see that many authors (in blogs or in books) most of whom are...

Ali March 22, 2011

Running MySQL 5.5 and Rails 3 on Mac OS X

A recent opportunity made me dust off my development skills and I decided to use Ruby on Rails as the framework of choice. I'm happy...

Ali September 25, 2010

The fPhone

Back in 2007 when Facebook was becoming a global phenomena, my first impression as a user was a normal pessimism at first that left me with just an account to reserve my name and no actual use of the service.

As an expatriate who lived at least 25% of my life out of my hometown Tabriz, I found myself toward using Facebook more seriously to connect with my old friends, coworkers and family I left behind.

Ali June 15, 2010
Adding easy to use sorting features to Objective-C arrays

Adding easy to use sorting features to Objective-C arrays

Apart from how powerful and flexible NSArray in Objective-C is, there are times that you need to sort many arrays throughout the projects. The standard...

Ali May 8, 2010
Cloud is better off without Flash

Cloud is better off without Flash

With the emergence of the iPad, there are many trends changing and many ideas developing around an old but finally well-developed phenomenon: the tablet computer. Although I am somehow late giving my opinion on the subject, I think it is worth the try. One of the areas cloud computing can be very useful and extremely capable is on the thin clients. Despite the fact that definition of a thin client nowadays is quite different than few years ago (take iPad and compare it to any of the "revolutionary" J2ME enabled devices) they are still far less capable than conventional computers, i.e. laptops and desktops. iPad (as a good example and so far the best in the segment) is fairly powerful by itself and offers decent performance in doing resource-intensive tasks like 3D game rendering. But there are times that its processing power and storage capacity is not sufficient for certain tasks. You might say, well turn to a more powerful computer then. The price of such move could be sacrificing the super cool and useful features like ultra-portability and modern human user interface of the iPad.

Ali January 17, 2010
Learning iPhone development fast

Learning iPhone development fast

Learning a new language along with news development tools is quite exciting and challenging at the same time. You have to go through most (if...

Ali December 16, 2009

Mix like a DJ on your Mac with Djay

This article is originally posted on Shufflegazine. If you are a music fan (who isn’t?) you might have dreamed about mixing some tunes and added...

Ali November 22, 2009

Convert video formats on your Mac for free

This article is originally posted on Shufflegazine. Earlier today I received a dinosaur JVC camera with a truck load of video clips. We are traveling...