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Bulk exporting Word documents to other formats with JavaScript

Bulk exporting Word documents to other formats with JavaScript

JavaScript is hot commodity for server and client side web development. But when it comes to command line programming it is unlikely to ditch the likes of Python…

Ali November 24, 2013

Renaming files in bulk with Excel

So you have a bunch of files (read thousands) that you need to rename. If you deal with documents/records in the workplace and you don’t have access to fancy EDRMS, EDMS,…

Ali February 10, 2013
Snow Leopard to Lion; The painless way

Snow Leopard to Lion; The painless way

Conclusion first! Let me save you a few minutes (and perhaps hours of suffering on your Mac) and tell you the end of the story in the beginning. Upgrading has been…

Ali August 31, 2011

Convert video formats on your Mac for free

This article is originally posted on Shufflegazine. Earlier today I received a dinosaur JVC camera with a truck load of video clips. We are traveling to Lebanon…

Ali November 22, 2009

The secret of staying productive while coding

Most people use versioning systems like Subversion, Mercurial, and git to maintain their code while working on software and web projects. There are also hosted solutions…

Ali August 30, 2009

Creating online data forms with no coding at all

Many times you need to collect information from users (e.g. employees) through online forms. As I just did for my HR department as a favor, you too can do it very…

Ali July 20, 2009
Develop Google AppEngine with Aptana Studio

Develop Google AppEngine with Aptana Studio

Recently I have jumped on Python wagon to play with Google AppEngine a bit. Python is a very fun (and powerful) language and I feel so bad I never touched it before. There…

Ali May 6, 2009

Create your own news reader application for free

Many people use RSS news feeds to read the latest updates from their favorite websites synchronized in a single place. It is much more productive than surfing around…

Ali April 18, 2009

Merge & filter news feeds with Yahoo Pipes

In the previous post, I talked about EventBox and how it can make your feed-loaded life easier. But here's the thing: It's again skimming through 100s of feeds.…

Ali December 4, 2008

Your iPhone/iPod as a portable disc

Few days ago I found a neat application that although tiny (almost 600KB!) changes the way you work with your iPhone/iPod. Personally I was a bit irritated that…

Ali June 22, 2008