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Ali April 30, 2015
2 ½ day workweek - Coping with Weekends in the Middle East

2 ½ day workweek - Coping with Weekends in the Middle East

The Problem As a part of my work, I'm in direct contact with accounts in Turkey and a number of countries in the Middle East. Being located in Turkey means that I "enjoy" Saturdays and Sundays as my days off, but in UAE, for example, Fridays and Saturdays are holidays. To make the matters more complicated, Iranian weekend is on Thursdays and Fridays, limiting the workable days between these countries to just 3 days, from Monday to Wednesday. Add to it about 2 hours of timezone difference and you'll end up with almost 2 ½ days of common workweek, especially if you need to work with banks and government offices.

Ali November 16, 2013

World-class Customer Service

In mid October 2013, Apple started recalling mid-2012 Macbook Airs, due to a SSD problem that was apparently and isolated issue to Toshiba drives only....

Ali February 10, 2013

Renaming files in bulk with Excel

So you have a bunch of files (read thousands) that you need to rename. If you deal with documents/records in the workplace and you don’t...

Ali May 8, 2010
Cloud is better off without Flash

Cloud is better off without Flash

With the emergence of the iPad, there are many trends changing and many ideas developing around an old but finally well-developed phenomenon: the tablet computer. Although I am somehow late giving my opinion on the subject, I think it is worth the try. One of the areas cloud computing can be very useful and extremely capable is on the thin clients. Despite the fact that definition of a thin client nowadays is quite different than few years ago (take iPad and compare it to any of the "revolutionary" J2ME enabled devices) they are still far less capable than conventional computers, i.e. laptops and desktops. iPad (as a good example and so far the best in the segment) is fairly powerful by itself and offers decent performance in doing resource-intensive tasks like 3D game rendering. But there are times that its processing power and storage capacity is not sufficient for certain tasks. You might say, well turn to a more powerful computer then. The price of such move could be sacrificing the super cool and useful features like ultra-portability and modern human user interface of the iPad.

Ali April 12, 2010
Graduate school and the GMAT beast

Graduate school and the GMAT beast

After moving to Vancouver (yeah baby), one of the things I want to do is to apply for UBC graduate program. No, MBA is not...

Ali May 11, 2009

Globalizing Clouds, Geopolitically Speaking

This article was originally posted on CloudAve. Security remains as one of the biggest challenges in adopting and spreading cloud computing. But there is an...

Ali April 1, 2009

An Open Cloud - Or Is It?

This is an article posted on CloudAve. As you might know the Open Cloud Manifesto debuted on March 30st. It outlines the pillars of Cloud...

Ali December 21, 2008

How SaaS can impact the Middle East market

Middle East is usually behind when it comes to the bleeding edge technology. Clearly because we don't build bleeding edge technology unless we are US...

Ali November 20, 2008

Creating organization groups in Zoho business

One of nice features in zoho Business is organization groups that allow you to really collaborate and share documents, tasks, and links between the team...

Ali May 6, 2008

DELL "still" recommends Windows Vista ...

What a familiar statement! "Optimize your Business with Windows Vista Business" or etc. Is that really true? We have 10+ laptops and workstations running Windows...