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Ali August 31, 2011
Snow Leopard to Lion; The painless way

Snow Leopard to Lion; The painless way

Conclusion first! Let me save you a few minutes (and perhaps hours of suffering on your Mac) and tell you the end of the story...

Ali June 15, 2010
Adding easy to use sorting features to Objective-C arrays

Adding easy to use sorting features to Objective-C arrays

Apart from how powerful and flexible NSArray in Objective-C is, there are times that you need to sort many arrays throughout the projects. The standard...

Ali May 8, 2010
Cloud is better off without Flash

Cloud is better off without Flash

With the emergence of the iPad, there are many trends changing and many ideas developing around an old but finally well-developed phenomenon: the tablet computer. Although I am somehow late giving my opinion on the subject, I think it is worth the try. One of the areas cloud computing can be very useful and extremely capable is on the thin clients. Despite the fact that definition of a thin client nowadays is quite different than few years ago (take iPad and compare it to any of the "revolutionary" J2ME enabled devices) they are still far less capable than conventional computers, i.e. laptops and desktops. iPad (as a good example and so far the best in the segment) is fairly powerful by itself and offers decent performance in doing resource-intensive tasks like 3D game rendering. But there are times that its processing power and storage capacity is not sufficient for certain tasks. You might say, well turn to a more powerful computer then. The price of such move could be sacrificing the super cool and useful features like ultra-portability and modern human user interface of the iPad.

Ali December 16, 2009

Mix like a DJ on your Mac with Djay

This article is originally posted on Shufflegazine. If you are a music fan (who isn’t?) you might have dreamed about mixing some tunes and added...

Ali November 22, 2009

Convert video formats on your Mac for free

This article is originally posted on Shufflegazine. Earlier today I received a dinosaur JVC camera with a truck load of video clips. We are traveling...

Ali September 26, 2009
Fixing the multiprocessing error while developing for AppEngine

Fixing the multiprocessing error while developing for AppEngine

If you are developing for Google AppEngine on Mac, and you have updated python to 2.6.x or higher, you might face this non-sense error over and over:

ImportError: No module named _multiprocessing

The main reason behind this error is that AppEngine (as of this writing) can't get along with python versions higher than 2.5.x.

Fortunately it is quite easy to fix this issue, especially if you are using GoogleAppEngineLauncher:

Ali September 5, 2009

7 reasons to buy your laptop an external keyboard and a mouse

This is an unusual topic to be discussed in my software-oriented blog, but this morning I was staring at my wireless keyboard and I just...

Ali April 18, 2009

Create your own news reader application for free

Many people use RSS news feeds to read the latest updates from their favorite websites synchronized in a single place. It is much more productive...

Ali February 10, 2009

Running Windows on Your Mac With VirtualBox

This is an article posted in Appstorm Every computer needs an operating system to operate, just like we humans need our brains to function. Unlike...

Ali November 25, 2008

EventBox; social networking and the news

All that buzz and the load of information attacking us by social media and news aggregated from different sources, seem overwhelming. One of the greatest...

Ali June 22, 2008

Your iPhone/iPod as a portable disc

Few days ago I found a neat application that although tiny (almost 600KB!) changes the way you work with your iPhone/iPod. Personally I was a...