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Importing data from FTP server into Zoho Creator

Importing data from FTP server into Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator has grown to be a great cloud-based app creation platform. You can build simple apps in the matter of hours or have complex solutions up and running…

Ali April 15, 2015

Creating online data forms with no coding at all

Many times you need to collect information from users (e.g. employees) through online forms. As I just did for my HR department as a favor, you too can do it very…

Ali July 20, 2009

Creating organization groups in Zoho business

One of nice features in zoho Business is organization groups that allow you to really collaborate and share documents, tasks, and links between the team members. However…

Ali November 20, 2008

We owe Zoho big time

Few weeks ago I rediscovered Zoho! I saw it before but the urge of trying an online office never occurred to me. It's been sometime that we were facing difficulties…

Ali May 7, 2008