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EventBox; social networking and the news

Ali - November 25, 2008 - 1 comment

All that buzz and the load of information attacking us by social media and news aggregated from different sources, seem overwhelming.

One of the greatest inventions of the internet age was news feeds (Atom, RSS, …) that help us avoid navigating through 10s and soemtimes 100s of websites everyday. It is sometimes really hard to skim the news when you are browsing in a poorly designed crowded web site filled by silly Flash adverts, so RSS enters and solves it all for you!

However, when you have your RSS list growing ridiculously and you have Facebook, Digg, Twitter, and a bunch of other social media oblgations added to this missery, there should be something, a tool that can help you with all that icoming data!


EventBox from CosmicMachine is a very easy to use tool that does it all for you. It acts as an information aggregator and becomes the single platform you use for news feeds, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Redit, Flicker and Pownce.

You can also submit posts and contents centralized in one platform.

You can try EventBox for almost 2 weeks and if you liked it, buy it for only $15. It’s totally worth it

Missing Features

There are however few missing features that EventBox developer team promised to address. What I personally miss is the ability to interact with Tumblr and WordPress. that would make it unbeatable!

It would be also great if they make an iPhone version of the application as free bonus for those who purchased the software. Too much expectations?!

More features on Facebook front-end will be awesome too.

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