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Ali Shabdar on business, technology, and pre-singularity life

Ali February 10, 2013

Renaming files in bulk with Excel

So you have a bunch of files (read thousands) that you need to rename. If you deal with documents/records in the workplace and you don’t...

Ali June 18, 2012

Microsoft Surface - A big name for a small device

Back in 2008 when Microsoft revealed Surface in CES, there was much excitement around what this Minority Report age device could bring to the market. Now...

Ali June 1, 2012

How NOT to group your checkboxes

"Global Unsubscribe" shouldn't be grouped with the others. Here is to not making it clear for the user if you're hiding an option on purpose...

Ali December 17, 2011


A recent school project got us excited to explore the idea of mapping the trees of city of Vancouver in a more practical way. My...