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Cloud Computing


Cloud is better off without Flash

Cloud is better off without Flash

With the emergence of the iPad, there are many trends changing and many ideas developing around an old but finally well-developed phenomenon: the tablet computer. Although…

Ali May 8, 2010

Globalizing Clouds, Geopolitically Speaking

This article was originally posted on CloudAve. Security remains as one of the biggest challenges in adopting and spreading cloud computing. But there is an even…

Ali May 11, 2009
Develop Google AppEngine with Aptana Studio

Develop Google AppEngine with Aptana Studio

Recently I have jumped on Python wagon to play with Google AppEngine a bit. Python is a very fun (and powerful) language and I feel so bad I never touched it before. There…

Ali May 6, 2009

An Open Cloud - Or Is It?

This is an article posted on CloudAve. As you might know the Open Cloud Manifesto debuted on March 30st. It outlines the pillars of Cloud Computing as well…

Ali April 1, 2009

How SaaS can impact the Middle East market

Middle East is usually behind when it comes to the bleeding edge technology. Clearly because we don't build bleeding edge technology unless we are US or EU residents! One…

Ali December 21, 2008